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...offering world class laboratory, scientific, industrial, educational,
research, medical hospital equipment to public and private sectors in Nigeria


To be a World-Class Scientific & Laboratory Engineering Solutions Company Of

To Passionately Provide Scientific & Laboratory Engineering Solutions That Exceed
Customers’ Expectation.

Glowsworth Scientific Laboratory & Chemicals was established to be an Indigenous point of reference for true local content development in Nigeria,     offering State- of-The – Art World Class Laboratory, Scientific, Industrial, Educational, research, medical and hospital equipment to public and private sectors in Nigeria.

Within this period of time that Glowsworth Scientific Laboratory & Chemicals has been in existence, the company through hard work and consistency has become       a firm providing unequalled, cost effective and enduring services, products and expertise in the educational, medical, food & beverages, manufacturing, research and Industrials etc. 

Having a presence in Nigeria and established foreign technical partners with world renowned laboratory equipment manufacturers in the Europe, America and the Far-East Asia, we are better placed to respond quickly and efficiently to our clients’ needs.

We have the expertise and means to deliver on time. We have in stock the most up   to date state of the art educational teaching aid & research Laboratory, equipment, laboratory chemicals, glassware and apparatus from reputable manufacturers.

These include equipment for Teaching Aid, Diagnostics, Research, Measurement, Testing, Quality control and for Teaching Sciences and Engineering, Introductory Technology, Basic Science, Computers, Mathematics, Integrated sciences- Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Micro-biology, Bio-Chemistry, Microbiology, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical, Surveying, Geography, Mechanical engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Geology, Geophysics, Agricultural Science, Psychology, Physiology, Home Economics, Language Laboratory etc.

Most of these laboratory equipment and chemicals, we have them in stock and have supplied and Installed to Private, Federal & State Universities, Polytechnics, Mono-technics, and Colleges of Education, Vocational Institution, Secondary school we customize it to meet their individual Institutional requirement and still maintain International standard of best practice.

With our innovative approach to doing business in a complex environment and our project based organizational structure each new job is managed by its own team. 

Our head office oversees the general planning, funding, operations and logistics       of each Laboratory Supply, Installation & Construction contract project. With this structure we are able to effectively and efficiently deliver within time and budget      in several supply contract projects simultaneously. 

We have a workshop located Meiran Lagos, where our experience and season engineers, technicians, artisans convert our design into practical world class Laboratories, our installation and maintenance team carry out final Installation      and commissioning at client’s facilities and locations. 


Suite 13, First Floor,
Ajide Complex,
227 Meiran Road, Alhaji B/Stop,
Meiran, Lagos


T: 0803 532 5078, 0810 111 7626
    0815 724 1768, 0701 359 2049


Our products are already an integrated part of many workplaces. From laboratory equipment to fittings, including control and regulation  in critical applications.